Anyone for rockpooling? – 27th August 2022

A short blog with a difference.

I have been doing some work with nature charities, surveying rockpools in order to monitor variety and abundance of marine species (more details here). As part of this ‘work’ I am experimenting with high resolution zoomable photo-mosaics as a means of recording rockpools, but also, maybe, as a teaching/fun resource.

By clicking/tapping on this image, and zooming into the photo-mosaic that replaces it, and panning around, you can explore your very own rockpool.

Best results are with an at least reasonably high resolution screen and an not too slow internet connection. (Please let me know of any difficulties with using this, or indeed, thoughts in general).

Click on image to enter rockpool then zoom and pan around.

There are three types of sea anemone in this pool, one very easy to spot, the other two are a little harder.

(I may try to add a recording of shore sounds that plays while the image is open at some future date.)

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