An Observer’s Book of Birds


A small collection of written and drawn sketches around the theme of birds. Sometimes the birds are the main subject and sometimes they are an element in the landscape. The sketches were, in most cases, inspired by sightings or observations and for want of any other system I have grouped them according to the regions of the country in which they occurred: Scotland, Norfolk and the east coast, Pembrokeshire and that area of the Oxfordshire-Northamptonshire-Warwickshire border known as ‘Banburyshire’.

First published by Felin Press in 2018

ISBN: 978-1-9993590-0-3  

This book was put together during the last few months of 2018 from poems and sketches produced over the proceeding few years. It was originally going to be just a few saddle bound pages offered for sale in a small gallery I was associated with in Banbury, (Oxfordshire) however, with help, something more finished and professional was produced.

The subject of this book, as well as its production, were a welcome distraction through an otherwise difficult year. Nature in general and birds in particular seem able to distract and cheer in this way. Other people have noticed the same and I have recently enjoyed reading ‘Birds Art Life Death’ by Kyo Maclear (ISBN 9780008225049) and look forward to reading the recently published ‘Bird Therapy‘ by Joe Harkness (ISBN 9781783527724 ).